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What is there to watch?

From 8-25 April you can watch the best short films at our on demand short film festival Go Short Online. We offer the best European films in our competition programs, VR at home, livestreams, a focus on Croatia and multiple specials! With Go Short Online, we still maintain our official gateway to film awards such as the Oscars, European Film Awards, and BAFTA’s. On this page you will find an overview of what you can watch during the festival. Do you want an impression of the festival? Click here.

In Competition

From more than 2000 submissions, we selected the 87 best films for our competitions. Be surprised by the special stories of new and returning talent. Who will go home with the coveted Go Short Awards?

Normal – Still 02

European Competition

We are proud to show you the selection of the European competition, which this year consists of 47 films. These highly acclaimed films have been chosen by a selection committee and are eligible for the Go Short Awards in categories fiction, documentary and animation. The winners may qualify their film for the Oscars!


Dutch Competition

The Dutch competition this year consists of 18 films. In this competition we show the best of our own soil. These highly acclaimed films from last year have a chance of winning the Go Short VEVAM Award.

Huis Clos – Still 04

Student Competition

This year 22 films have been selected for the student competition. The films come from all over Europe and have a chance to win the Encouragement Award, a prize that inspires and stimulates young makers.

Gimme One – Still 13 site

Go Short To Go
VR Experience at Home

Book for 23 or 27 April! Keep an eye on our socials and website for new options.

No glasses? No problem! Rent VR glasses from us and enjoy 9 unique VR movies at home completely corona-proof. We offer you the opportunity to experience our exclusive program in the comfortable setting of your own living room. We offer you plenty of compelling stories and spectacular experiences to immerse you in. You can borrow VR glasses from us for a small amount. Pick up the headset, watch the program at home and then bring it back properly. We clean the glasses and prepare them for the next visitor. Easy and safe.

In Focus: Croatia


The past and present of Croatian cinema is highlighted in three curated programs. Grandmasters in animation, strong women and the Mediterranean coast, al these different facets of the short film in Croatia are highlighted at Go Short Online.

Premieres Gelderland Film Pitch

The winning projects of the Gelderland Film Pitch 2020 had their premiere on 7 April. Did you miss the premiere? You can watch the films during Go Short Online.

still 1 (36)

I’ll Fly With You / Matthieu Reijnoudt & Romar de Bonte / Fiction / NL / 2021 / 10′


wat grenzen delen / was Grenzen teilen / Katinka Schlette / Documentary / NL / 2021 / 17′


Of course, Go Short Online also offers a number of ready-to-use programs that have been put together with great care. Balanced selections of short films within a specific theme or genre.

comedy site

Comedy Shorts

Those who want to laugh can have fun with the Comedy Shorts.

human rights shorts

Human Rights Shorts

More serious topics are covered in Human Rights Shorts, a collaboration with Movies That Matter.


international highlights

International Highlights

A selection of short films that have been highly rewarded with praise and awards over the past year can be seen in International Highlights.


family shorts 10

Family Shorts

This year Go Short again has two film programs for the whole family. A program for the little ones (4+) full of adventures and crazy things. The other program is suitable for older children (10+) and in it we see children from all over the world who all, in their own way, want to be themselves.


In three special full-length live broadcasts, we watch a number of films together with you and in between we have a conversation with makers and specialists. Each evening is devoted to one larger theme: Dutch film, the creative process behind the films and the importance of human contact and others around us. During these evenings you can alternately visit different rooms on our online platform where conversations, screenings and interactive activities take place.

The livestreams are Dutch-spoken.


Go Short is part of THIS IS SHORT. This European collaborative project presents a broad and diverse program of more than 300 short films to a worldwide audience. For this online platform, Go Short teams up with three other leading short film festivals from Germany, Austria and Poland. Passes for Go Short Online also provide access to THIS IS SHORT. So, if you have finished Go Short, you can watch a lot more great short films! The platform is live from April 1 to June 30, 2021.

Artist in Residence 

In June 2021, artist in residence Total Refusal will come to Nijmegen. More information will follow!

On Topic

Het Blauwe Uur #3: Cinema – Migratie in Afrikaanse cinema

Sunday 11 April / 14:00 – 15:30 / Online

We like to organize events together with other parties in which we delve deeper into a specific theme. With Het Afrika Museum we organized an edition of Het Blauwe Uur on 11 April. You can also watch NHA MILA during Go Short Online.


Boredome, Loneliness and Impatience | Radboud Reflects @Go Short – Short movies and mini lectures by Radboud University philosophers

Tuesday 20 April 2021 | 20.00 – 21.15 hrs. | Online

Radboud Reflects and Go Short

Since the corona crisis we are dealing with boredom and loneliness and our patience is put to the test. Boredom led to overloaded delivery services, elderly people and singles suffered from feelings of loneliness, and a lack of a positive outlook tortured our patience.What do philosopher like Hannah Arendt and Heidegger teach us about these issues? And how do film makers portray boredom, loneliness and impatience? Listen to mini lectures by Radboud University philosophers, watch Go Short movies and learn to deal with today’s inconveniences.

In short movies Balcony, Woman Without a Child and Enough something unexpected happens when boredom strikes, you see what human contact can do, and what happens when patience runs out.

This program is in English. Reserve your ticket here.

Radboud Reflects organizes public lectures on philosophy, religion, ethics, society and culture.


Also this year we organize various industry events for professionals. For more information about all events, click here.