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What is there to watch?

In this current situation, Go Short invites you to stay at home, and watch shorts! And that is possible on our on demand short film festival Go Short Online! Go Short Online takes place from 15 April – 13 May 2020. With Go Short Online we honor the film selection and curation of 2020, our talent platform and hub to international prizes EFA, Oscar and BAFTA, and present you with the best Go Short 2020 has to offer!On this page, you will find an overview of what you can expect at the festival. 

In Competition

From more than 2.200 submissions, we selected the 103 best films for the competitions. Be surprised by the special stories of new and returning talent. Watch the shorts in the presence of their makers. Who is going home with the Go Short Awards?

That wich is to come is just a promise – Still 02 (1)

European Competition

The European competition shows the best shorts of last year. These highly appreciated films are made by filmmakers all across Europe. Among others you see a film of Agata Trzebuchowska, who played the main role in the Oscar winning film Ida!

Human Nature – still 02

Dutch Competition

The Dutch competition offers a stage to homegrown talent. These films are highly valued last year and have a chance at winning the VEVAM / Go Short Award. You’ll see a lot of familiar faces! Among others Rifka Lodeizen – known from Ares, Tonio and Kan door Huid Heen – plays a part in the short film Seahorse

Mars, Oman – still 03

Student Competition

In this competition you see the best shorts made by students. The young makers of these highly valued shorts are from all across Europe. They have a chance at winning the Encouragement Award, a prize that stimulates and inspires young and new talent.

Careful – still 02

Music Video Competition

Music videos are more visual than ever. That is why last year Go Short started with presenting an overview of the best music videos.Music videos are more visual than ever. That is why last year Go Short started with presenting an overview of the best music videos. Want to groove on your chair? Watch the best music videos in this competition!

In Focus: Noorwegen and Special Guests

Get to know the oeuvre of our filmmakers in focus. Go Short 2020 focuses its spotlights on Corina Schwingruber Ilić and Nikola Ilić and versatile film country Norway.

Short film All Inclusive

We Are Corina and Nikola

Maybe you already saw their short film All Inclusive on TV. This film was part of many international film festivals. Corina: ”We like to show topics in an approachable way and make sure viewers still have a bit of fun watching it.” You’ll see their own shorts and their favorite shorts divided in two programs. Watch and observe yourself!

Beast – still 01

We Are Norway

Images of snowy mountains, fierce fjords, and the northern lights quickly arise when we think of the Scandinavian country. Behind the apparent peace and cleanliness, the Norwegians have a sharp and cynical view of society. With the program, we focus on Norwegian short film and show how the Norwegians hold up a mirror to themselves and us, in which nobody is spared.

We Are Nature

During the 12th edition of Go Short, we focus on the future of nature, but also on its strength: how insignificant are people in the violence of the earth? And what strategies are created to artificially preserve or even mimic nature? We don’t just want to spread an alarming message, but also put the power, beauty and contradictions of nature in the spotlight. In addition, we receive many beautiful films every year with an urgent, observing or forward-looking view of nature and it is time to bring this to the attention of others. Therefore it’s time to pay tribute to nature! We zoom in on these questions in four different programs.

The Forest – still 02

The Destiny of Nature

Let’s have a look into the far future, and try to think about where the battle between humans and nature will lead. In this program we will show the varied visions of different filmmakers on the destiny of nature.

desinging nature

Designing Nature

Nature has a certain grace that is hard to describe, let alone imitate. We love artificial nature though. We surround ourselves with plastic plants and trees to create a fake natural environment when real nature is absent.

nature hitting hard web

Nature Hitting Hard

With this program we give a voice to the people in these areas, where polluted water or changing sea levels often play an important role.

destiny of nature

Nature Taking Over

In this program we choose this other perspective where the power of nature puts humankind in its place. Where nature evokes fear, forces us to adjust, to flee and even takes lives. Take cover for erupting volcanos, harsh winds, insufferable cold and the threat of tidal waves.

Current Issues

What’s going on in the world? What are the important themes and urgent issues that need to be highlighted? Every year we receive countless short films, each of which takes a look at current affairs in its own unique way. And we have to do something with that. That is why we are introducing the new program line ‘Current Issues’ this year. Except nationalism; activism; freedom and capitalism. This program includes four programs that open eyes, offer reflection and show the current state of the world.

My Country, So Beautiful – Still 02

Mi casa es mi casa

My home is my home. You may visit sometime, but only on my preconditions. And if you don’t meet them, leave and go to your own home. Through four films we reflect upon nationalism, national identity and xenophobia.

stand your ground web

Stand Your Ground

From dance and music as forms of protest to deserting digitally. Come and see how people own what is theirs, out of passion, out of love or out of the profound urge to transform what has to be transformed.

between the rich and poor web

Between the Rich and the Poor

In this program we take a closer look at the borders between poor, middle class and rich. We’re trying, with these four films, to cover many of the emotions being evoked by income class difference.


Human Rights Shorts

This year the Netherlands celebrates 75 years of liberation. In this program, curated in cooperation with Movies that Matter, we put the term freedom in different perspectives.

Yes We Dance!

Five dance films in which a story is told through the body.

Malou – still 02

Move your body to embody your movement. Measure your space, swallow your surrounding and dance. Nothing is what you think it is, everything is motion. Keep your mouth shut, talk through your arms and scream through your legs. You are present in all what you are physically not.

Go Shorty!

We have a special program for children and young people: Go Shorty! The films in this program are either without dialogue, spoken in Dutch or with English subtitles.


Kids 4+ Te land ter zee en in de lucht

In this family program our youngest visitors can join a trip over land, on the sea and through the sky. This program offers short films with diverse animation styles and techniques. The films tell fantasy-filled stories with characters who take you on wonderful adventures. This program is suitable for kids ages 4 and up.


Kids 10+ Doe je dans!

These films have music in them and will get you wiggling in your seat. This Family Shorts program is suitable for kids ages 10 and up and includes a documentary, two fiction films and rhythmic animations.

Horse – still 03-1

Mens en natuur (13+)

In this program we zoom in on how humans and (non-human) nature relate and interact: what are the consequences when uncontrollable forces take over our lives, why are we so prone to decorate our surroundings with artificial nature and what happens when we change roles?


Reis vs. bestemming (16+)

You probably know the saying: the journey is more important than the destination. The films are the living proof of that. We see youngsters on a road trip having important conversations and doing the craziest stuff. And we see a father and son tightening their bond, because they are on their way.

A (1)

Grote dilemma’s (16+)

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. The question is: what do you choose? On which side are you, do you dare to show yourself? An often times, the eventual choice you made does say more about the situation you are in then who you really are.


Young filmmakers are full of ambition and the greatest ideas. Go Short gives this talent the chance to show itself at an international film festival.

KNUST, the pioneers of riso print – Still 031


‘Homegrown’ lets the talent from our region shine on the big screen. With this program we give our roots a spot in our program! Are you interested in how KNUST in Nijmegen came into existence? That, among others, you’ll see in this program!

Family Food – still 01

Go Ahead

We find it is never too soon to find new talent. That’s why we not only screen student’s graduation films, but are also searching for diamonds in the rough on art and film academies. In this program, we screen the best films made by Dutch film students in the years before graduation because these films too deserve to see the light of the film projector.