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Our educational vision
Our educational vision

Watching film isn’t merely for entertainment. Go Short fulfills an important role to film education for children. From an early age, many children are confronted with moving images. That’s why Go Short believes it’s important to pay attention to watching films on an educational level. Go Short thinks it’s crucial to teach children about watching film early on: how do films influence the viewer? How does a film tell a story? And how does music contribute to a film?

During Go Short and Go Short Arnhem we organize school screenings. Entire school classes can attend a cinema and watch a diverse short film program. These films fit the experiences and surroundings of this target audience. Inside the screening room, there’s a film professional present to answer questions from the children. The film themes are introduced in our educational programs and classes. Check out our supply for elementary schools and high schools. 

Go Short in LUX Nijmegen: 4 – 7 april 2023

Are these dates inconvenient? Programs are also online available year round. A screening in a cinema near you is also a possible option.

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All year round Go Short organizes educational activities for all ages and target audiences. Go Short is an aactive member of Netwerk Filmeducatie, a national network of parties developing film educational programs. Go Short wants to be a voice for film education in general: for advice and more information you can contact