Menu Roundtable talks: The Future of Short Film
Roundtable talks: The Future of Short Film

The Spotlight effect: finding your balance

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Filmmakers of all levels share their experiences of navigating the industry. From doubts and uncertainty to meeting like-minded people, we’ll dive into how to make actual strides in your career. This is a space for exchange and open conversation, giving you the opportunity to connect with others in the same situation and help each other along the way.

This roundtable talk is a collaboration between Go Short and VERS and will be moderated by Noa Zimmerman and Valerie Hoffmann.

What story can you tell?

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At this table we explore the fascinating question of who holds the power to tell certain stories. We will delve into the intricate relationship between filmmaker and subject and explore what tensions might occur. Our candid conversation will challenge everyone to reflect on their own experiences and roles, inspiring a deeper understanding of how they contribute to the films they create as well as the power that filmmakers hold when telling a story.

This roundtable talk will be moderated by Ren Scateni and Simon van der Zande.

Burst your bubble: involving new perspectives in your work practices

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The audiovisual industry consists of many close networks and bubbles. People often prefer working with the people they already know, and it can be different to find a way in these bubbles when you’re not feeling heard. How can you break through these bubbles and reach out to new networks? And how do you involve different perspectives and ideas in your own bubble and your work practices? Come share your experiences and learn from others on how to create a more inclusive and vibrant audiovisual industry.

This roundtable talk will be moderated by Shayne McCreadie and Aiman Hassani.

Distribution and the visibility of short film

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Lights, camera, action! We’ll dive into the current state of the distribution system, uncovering opportunities and obstacles for showcasing shorts both online and on the big screen. With a focus on making short film more visible in cinemas and film houses, we’ll brainstorm about what is needed to reach an audience. What are the roles of video on demand platforms, cinemas, film festivals and other venues? How do we help filmmakers to get their short film on the big screen? At this table, the first round will be held in Dutch and the second round in English.

This roundtable talk will be moderated by Erik Glijnis and is a collaboration between Go Short and the Netherlands Film Fund.

The value of truth in a post-truth world

Table 5

Step into the world of short films, where every frame is a canvas that paints a vivid story. But what happens when truth becomes an integral part of the picture? Explore the complex relationship between a maker and truth. Should filmmakers take on the responsibility of representing a certain truth, or is subjectivity always at play? And what are the potential benefits and/or drawbacks of using found footage or media manipulation? Dive into the world of short films and uncover the possibilities and challenges of depicting truth on the big screen.

This roundtable talk will be moderated by Anna Kryvenko.

A human approach to digital tools

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New technologies, artificial intelligence and digital tools are emerging in the world of film production. Although they have first been treated with much caution, people are starting to recognize the possibilities they offer. A large share of the work can be outsourced, editing is sped up and visual effects are enhanced. However, filmmaking remains to be a very human practice. What makes filmmaking innately human? What are things that can or cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence? And how do we deal with these new virtual possibilities? How can we use new tools to enrich the creation of film, music, visual art, literature and so much more?

This roundtable talk will be moderated by Aleksandra Skowrońska.