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How to Go Short

There are 264 films in our program. Even if you visit us fulltime; it will be impossible to see everything. That means.. Choices must be made!


We have already made the first choice, by bundling short films into screenings. You don’t buy a ticket per film, but per screening. Films are placed into screenings because they work well together, they strengthen each other or they create a contrast for each other. In most screenings there will be a mix of genres, short documentaries, animations fictions and art films. The titles given to the screenings will give you an impression of what to expect.

Choosing & Filtering

You can look at a program per day in the Program overview. Filters can help you make a choice. Are you new to short films? The filter Newbie viewer will give suggestions and widen knowledge on short films. But if you’re more interested in a challenging and in-depth viewing experience; choose the filter Experienced viewer. The filter Professional is for the many filmmakers and other professionals visiting Go Short. With the help of the program filter it’s possible to search for specific sub-programs, for example the competitions and focus programs. You can collect the screenings you find interesting in My Timetable, this way you can make your very own festival program.

Tickets & passes

You can buy tickets and passes online or at the LUX ticket office. Are you going all in and are there more then 8 screenings on your wish list? We suggest buying a Go Festivalpas. Our Discountpas is already beneficial after 6 screenings, and you will receive a desired Go Short tote bag. Please note that besides your pass you will also need a ticket to visit a screening; even when it’s a free ticket. You can get tickets with a pass online or at the LUX ticket office.



Because we are an international film festival, all films will be in English or will be subtitled in English.


Let’s mingle

There are not only festival goers but also a lot of film makers at the festival. During the Q&A’s of their screenings they will tell us more about their films and answer questions asked by the audience. In order to provide space to the extensive and mixed company of visitors and film makers, we offer besides the LUX café a festival pavilion where you can grab a drink or something to eat. At our festival there is no ‘backstage’, because we want everyone to meet. So please engage with the film makers! Film makers enjoy the festivals because they are able to see their audiences’ reactions and they are able to speak to the visitors. At the daily parties everyone comes together, also a lot of volunteers and employees are done and are ready to party.

Competition & Awards

As many as 2870 film have been submitted to us, we have watched all of them so that you don’t have to. We have selected the best 101 films that have been made this past year in Europe. All these films qualify for the Go Short Awards, which will be presented on Saturday night. The winners of these awards will then qualify for the Oscar® and BAFTA nominations. In the competition screenings you are guaranteed to watch a best short film of this moment. As the audience you will be able to participate in deciding who wins the Audience Award, so grab that voting form and vote!


On Sunday there will be no competition programs because the awards will have been awarded. The juries usually choose the most extreme, challenging or impressive films; you can view these during the Jury Winners screening. Audience Favorites presents films that scored high with the audience, these are usually emotional and humoristic films. The films in this screening will be determined and made known after the award ceremony on Saturday night.

Focus & themes

Besides the competition films there are 163 films to see. These have been selected for special perspectives, themes and interests. This year there are programs surrounding the animator Jonas Odell, the film country Spain and travel videos. There is a children’s program named Go Shorty, and short film nominations for the Oscars can be seen at Oscar shorts. Like these screenings there are many more with self-explanatory titles.

Don’t Blink

Forget everything we just said. We have assembled a strong and challenging program, so dive in and be surprised!