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Artificial Intelligence In Art

Location: Mariënburgkapel

In this program we take a look at the use of AI-tools in short film, music and fine art. AI is the latest greatest, the newest development that might shake the media landscape to its core. Following the trend of film, television and streaming, there is a lot of uproar and sceptisism regarding the rise of AI-created media. In short film, we already see a trend of experimental use of AI tools in scripting, audio, video and subjects. From theoretical approaches to a future dictated by AI to the practicality (and inherent goofiness) of AI generated texts and video. Most of these short films have been created partially or entirely by (customized) AI-tools.

After the program there is a conversation with Jeroen van der Most. Van der Most is a Dutch artist working with data, algorithms, and AI since 2010. 

This program is in collaboration with Oddstream