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Conducting a Code – Masterclass for Festivals and Events

Location LUX 4

Industry program

During this masterclass, we will have an open discussion to explore the critical issue of preventing transgressive behavior in the festival world. Luce Grosjean from Miyu Distribution virtually joins the masterclass to elaborate on the establishment of, and motivations behind Keep Festive, an anti-harassment and discrimination network. We are also joined by Vivian Cintra from Engagement Arts, an organization addressing gender-based violence, sexism, discrimination and abuse of power in the Dutch arts and design field. Together with Vivian, we will discuss the potential tools needed to create a safe and respectful environment, including the implementation of a code of conduct for festival organizations. We’ll also discuss the importance of taking action around a festival’s professional guests, volunteers, and partners to ensure a positive and inclusive experience for everyone involved in a festival and explore different ways that festivals and events go about establishing a safe space.


We will open the discussion in order to investigate possible actions to tackle the issue. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a part of the solution in preventing transgressive behavior at festivals.


This session is moderated by Emilia Mazik and is organized in collaboration with Kaboom Animation Festival, the Keep Festive Network and Engagement Arts NL.