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Current Issues: Humancore

Location: LUX

What feeling won’t ever fit into a text message? What emotional state can’t be conveyed with emojis? What can’t be mimicked by AI and what can’t be manifested by digital doppelganger? What is your core?

The Humancore program consists of stories of characters revealing the most intimate and vulnerable parts of themselves: qualities that determine their humanity, the untranslatable, impossible to recreate by any algorithm. We have this piercing feeling that in the era of ever accelerating technological, social and political changes, everything around us is in constant transformation – and then, what about the things inside us? What does it mean to be a human nowadays? 

It is in the reflection of aforementioned transformations and changes where the essence of the very human being emerges. That being masterfully uses irony and humor. It is saturated with recklessness and an urge to experiment.  It is endearingly foolish, endlessly tender and in need of fostering deep relations – with the outer world and oneself. This is the thing that we can hang on to. A core. A humancore.

Curated by Aleksandra Skowrońska