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Program: We Are Nature

Nature Hitting Hard

With a focus on nature you would probably expect a program about global warming and climate change. Well, we would probably be preaching to the choir. Instead, we highlight a problem which deserves equal attention: environmental injustice. Poor people, people of color, and indigenous people are more likely to suffer or die during climate disasters than white and rich people. A common example is water sources: when they get poisoned or dry out this will have a direct and harsh impact on the poor, while the rich stay safe. 

With this program we give a voice to the people in these areas, where polluted water or changing sea levels often play an important role. For example, we show the impact of hurricane Maria on the poor neighborhoods in Puerto Rico, the lives of people depending on a polluted river, and people living on an island which slowly gets flooded. In one film the monster of capitalism – that lies underneath this all – becomes directly visible: we see poor inhabitants living among garbage and trying to make a living out of the polluted sea, in an area where big chemical factories have taken over because the land is cheap. All these alarming situations should be a priority of public debate. 

This program is part of the program line We Are Nature, celebrating short films about nature. Nature is the theme in focus of this 12th edition of Go Short.

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