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Program: We Are Nature

Nature Taking Over

A stroll through nature can evoke a different sense of time. Looking at a landscape, where humans, their habits and even entire civilisations were nothing more than a passer-by, gives a space a sensation of being something sublime. Something that is existing beyond human existence. An accumulation of layers of time where our lives in the here and now suddenly seems insignificant. Of course, humans have their impact on nature, and we are more aware of this than ever. But especially in these times, this other perspective – of the insignificant human in a majestic nature – gives a weird satisfaction. In this program we choose this other perspective where the power of nature puts humankind in its place. Where nature evokes fear, forces us to adjust, to flee and even takes lives. Take cover for erupting volcanos, harsh winds, insufferable cold and the threat of tidal waves.

This program is part of the program line We Are Nature, celebrating short films about nature. Nature is the theme in focus of this 12th edition of Go Short.

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