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Student & Talent Go Short 2023
Student & Talent Go Short 2023

Short film and starting filmmakers are inseparable. New talent discovers their unique voice and style by making short films. With small budgets and not too many external interests, short film is a place for experimentation and for taking risks. This way, talent can develop, often leading to exciting results.


Develop your style with Go Short

Short film is a beacon of self development in the film industry, but as we all know, talent development doesn’t happen by itself. Therefore, Go Short offers starting out film professionals the opportunity to grow. Just for them, Go Short organizes many different events and meetings.

Take for example the Student Night on Wednesday 15 Februari, the Go Short Talent & Student Route during the Industry Program at April 5 – 9.  Screening, stimulating and meeting each other are key during these events and young makers are given the attention they deserve.

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The Industry Program

From 5 April until 9 April, Nijmegen will be the center of a lively international melting pot where the most experienced professionals and starting-out, enthusiastic newcomers can meet each other. Filmmakers and other film professionals can meet each other in an accessible way, share their ideas and learn from experts. We want to facilitate meeting each other and entering into dialogue on a small scale. We organize a dynamic program for professionals: from network events to workshops and from parties to market screenings

This year’s theme is moving forward together: the potential of short films in times of crisis. We cover the obstacles that starting out and established filmmakers face on a daily basis. We delve into the challenges for the short film industry as a whole.

What stories can you tell and what does the truth mean to you for you and your making process? How do we integrate sustainability while circumstances keep changing? What can we do to engage with the audience of the future? Read more about it in the professional program.

Activities from the professionals program that are specifically interesting for students and beginning makers are highlighted using the Go Short Talent & Student Route. You can recognize this Route by    the ones you find at the different sessions of the professionals program. Think for example of the ‘How to workshops’ where you will learn how to get the most out of Go Short and how to get your film screened. Also consider film programs like Go Ahead – where first, second and third-year students screen their films and receive feedback from a feedback panel – and Project Showcase – where films made off the beaten path are screened.

When and where?

Date: 5-9 April 2023
Location: Nijmegen (multiple locations in town)
Language: English

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Sign up for an accreditation

Would you like to sign up for an accreditation for the festival? You can do that here no later than March 24. Make sure that you first log in to your own account or create a new one (if you haven’t got one already). Click/tap on ‘Your Accreditation’ and then ‘Main working sector’. Select ‘Film Student’ and the option you desire on ‘Accreditation type’. After you’ve done this, you can fill out the remaining fields of the form.

Student Accreditation

A student accreditation costs €30. Upon presentation of the student accreditation you will receive:

  • Access to the film screenings*;
  • Access to the professionals program;
  • Access to networking drinks and social activities during the festival days;
  • Publication on and access to the Delegates List;
  • The festival catalog that comes in a totebag from Go Short.

* It is necessary to register prior to each screening that/event you wish to attend.