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Go Short can’t exist without the support, funding and cooperation from governmental institutions, funds and companies. But on top of that, we also accept individual contributions to the International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Go Short is acknowledged by Dutch taxation authorities as a cultural Public Benevolent Institution. This means that supporting Go Short offers you favorable fiscal deduction options. Periodical gifts – with a minimum duration of five years – qualify for full deduction. One-time gifts are also deductable, but these are subject to some conditions. Depending on your situation, a gift may only cost half (net), due to fiscal benefits.

Deduction options periodical gifts

  • Full fiscal deductability
  • Duration of 5 years (or more)

Deduction options one-time gift

  • Amount until 10% of aggregate income fully deductable
  • Minimum of € 60,- or 1% of aggregate income

You can find more information about the fiscal benefits of supporting cultural Public Benevolent Institutions on the website of the Dutch Government. You can also calculate your personal exact benefits (click on the Union Jack above for English).

We value your support immensely! Contact us at or call +31 24 6636 789 to discuss the posibilities of making a donation.