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Dutch Short Film Pitch
Dutch Short Film Pitch

Are you a filmmaker working on a short movie, (co)produced in The Netherlands? Or do you have a strong film proposal in an early development stage or a work-in-progress that you would like to show to (inter)national industry professionals? Submit your film proposal for the annual pitching sessions for the Dutch short film productions from Go Short and Screen Talent NL. 

The deadline for 2024 is expired.

Every edition of Go Short, ten short film projects from the Netherlands will be pitched to an audience of film professionals: five short films in development and five short films in production. Following the pitch, 1-on-1 meetings will be organized, the participating filmmakers join key industry players, like short film programmers, distributors and others for a conversation. With this new pitch sessions, Go Short and Screen Talent NL join forces to read and serve film talent from across the Netherlands. 

All the selected projects will be invited to a pitch training session before the pitching day during the festival. The pitch training will take place in March, one month before the festival. Finally, all the participating projects have the chance to win an award for the best pitch. The two pitches will receive a amount of €4.000, consisting of a freely spendable part and a part to hire coaches. These awards are provided by Screen Talent NL. 

The Dutch Short Film Pitch is an opportunity to engage the national and international short film industry at an early stage for your short movie. At the same time, you’ll putting yourself on the radar of prominent international (short) film programmers, producers and distributors! 


The selection of 2024

These are the selected creators and projects

Dahania Candelo with the film ‘TOLK’

Jor Broeder with the film ‘In The Belly of The Beast’

Amber Rozema with the film ‘NORA’

Eva Bonnevits with the film ‘Train Project’

Luciënne Venner with the film ‘She Moves Me’

Wiep Teeuwisse with the film ‘De Afvalligen’

Désirée Pfenninger with the film ‘EVERY CHILD COSTS THE MOTHER ONE TOOTH’

Froukje van Wengerden with the film ‘De jaren waarin ik niet film’

Naomi Pacifique with the film ‘in the heart there is a stone’

These are the winners of Dutch Short Film Pitches

Most Promising Film Plan – Film & Development
Dahania Candelo with ‘TOLK’

Best Pitch Award – Film & Development
Naomi Pacifique with ‘in the heart there is a stone’

Most Promising Film Plan – Work in Progress
Froukje van Wengerden with ‘De jaren waarin ik niet film’

Best Pitch Award – Work in Progress


Go Short is the most important short film festival in The Netherlands and started to contribute to the deepening and broadening of the short film culture. In addition to the competitions, Go Shorts offers a program of events, lectures, educational activities, workshops, parties and meeting places for filmmakers, audiences and other stakeholders. Go Short is an Oscar-, BAFTA and EFA-qualifying festival. 

Screen Talent NL is a network of talent and production hubs in the Dutch film sector spread across the Netherlands. The network is dedicated to supporting local creators and stories in the regions where the hubs are active. Screen Talent NL also works to enhance and strengthen the infrastructure for film talent and production on the spot, extending its impact throughout the entire country. We believe in the power of diversity in creators, stories and films told and created in the regions, recognizing the unique value this can bring to the national film industry.