Menu These were the Industry Days of Go Short 2023
These were the Industry Days of Go Short 2023
These were the Industry Days of Go Short 2023

At the industry program at the 15th edition of Go Short, film professionals from all over the world came together to discuss the potential of short films in times of crisis and the future of the industry. Alongside captivating speakers who delved into current topics, such as the value of truth in a post-truth world and finding your balance under the spotlight, our focus was on moving forward together and harnessing the power of short films to connect and provide comfort during uncertain times. 

At Go Short, we are all about bringing together filmmakers and film enthusiasts to create a vibrant community. The first day’s events set the tone for an exciting and enriching experience over the following few days of the festival, and we are thrilled to see and have a part in the connections that start to form from the very beginning! 

Well begun is half done 

Kicking off with the Nijmegen City Walk which was an excellent opportunity for filmmakers and our amazing Homestayer hosts to explore together the vibrant culture of the city, discover hidden gems, and most importantly connect with each other. The walk set pace for the festival, fostering a sense of community and forging lasting connections. Later that evening, the first of the two Filmmakers Dinners provided an exclusive setting for the creative minds of the filmmakers in competition to network, discuss the latest trends in the short film realm, and most importantly have fun getting to know each other.  

Fostering connections and creating a welcoming atmosphere is the key to a successful film festival experience. That is why the industry program was designed to help festival organizers, filmmakers, and film enthusiasts alike get the most out of their time with us. 

Reflecting on the second day of the industry program at Go Short, the Festival Meet-Up was fruitful experience where festival organizers came together to share their latest experiences, struggles, and tips. Discussing the cloud-based software for film festivals Filmchief and brainstorming ways to further develop a safer and secure space for the community of festival organizations was the main goal of the first session of the day. For filmmakers looking to get the most out of their visit, the How to Go Short masterclass was the perfect opportunity to learn how film festivals work, what they do for filmmakers, and how to maximize their potential. The interactive session allowed participants to ask any questions they had, from useful activities to great tips for networking. 

After a productive day of learning and networking, it was time to unwind at the industry drinks. It was an opportunity to grab a drink, some snacks, and socialize with fellow industry professionals. The second Filmmakers Dinner was held to welcome the newly arrived filmmakers in competition. The event provided delicious cuisine and stimulating conversations, making it a memorable evening for all who attended. The evening concluded with the first party, where all guests danced the night away. 

Moving Forward Together 

The industry program found its peak during Friday and Saturday. Friday was a day of growth and inspiration, where filmmakers from all walks of life came together and took a step forward toward a brighter future in the film industry. The day began with one-to-one meetings where insightful conversations blossomed between filmmakers and key figures from the international short film industry. The masterclasses that took center stage afterward were equally enlightening, as we dove into the intricacies of subtle messaging in film, writing difficult scenes, and creating a safe and respectful environment for a film festival, and honed our skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals.  

As the day progressed, film enthusiasts engaged in lively conversations during the Future of Short Film roundtable talks where they had the chance to get inspired and explore currently important and impactful themes such as the spotlight effect, the value of truth in a post-truth world, and bursting your own bubble by involving new perspectives in your work practices. We were also pleased to have industry filmmakers and experts to delve into the enormous world of film festivals and share with us the insider scoop on how to get your film noticed, navigate the festival circuit, and select the right festivals to submit to during the How to Get Screened session. 

The evening was a time to unwind, as we sipped prosecco or orange juice at the Ammodo Docs Industry Drinks right before joining the First Impressions session where filmmakers took the stage and showed their opening scenes to receive feedback from a panel of professionals. And to cap it all off, we danced the night away at the Salsa party, letting go of our inhibitions and embracing the spirit of collaboration and community. It was a day of inspiration, networking, and most importantly, moving forward together and celebrating our shared passion for short film.  

The Power of Festivals 

Saturday at Go Short was all about building more connections and celebrating the creativity and diversity of short film not only in themes and stories but also in different film forms. The day kicked off with the Dutch Short Film Preview, where both established and upcoming Dutch filmmakers showcased their latest projects to a selected audience of festival programmers, distributors, and buyers. Meanwhile, writers and composers had the chance to connect with producers and directors through one-to-one sessions and speed-dates.  

In the afternoon, Charlie Shackleton took the spotlight as the filmmaker in focus, with a case study on his short film Lasting Marks, that explores the role of storytelling in society and the impact of different film formats. In the meantime, screenwriters were offered an opportunity to workshop their scripts and receive more in-depth feedback from professional coaches and a chance for follow-up discussions to help them take their script to the next level. The festival also offered a unique platform for innovative projects that do not necessarily fit in the regular call for entries for festivals during the Work-In-Progress program, where filmmakers had the opportunity to pitch their audio-visual projects to industry professionals and receive their insightful feedback and help. 

The night brought together the industry for another round of drinks to have a relaxing and maybe partly nervous chat since following was the Award Ceremony. During the Awards the winners and special mentions from all competitions were announced, and the filmmakers and professionals had the chance to cheer and celebrate themselves, their newly made friends, and of course the films! The festivities continued with the Silent Disco Party, where attendees spent the whole night dancing to the beats of their own choosing. 

Through these events, Go Short showcased the power of festivals to connect creators, inspire new collaborations, and celebrate the art of short film. 

Celebrating Short Film 

As the sun rose up during the last day of the industry program at Go Short, guests gathered for a farewell brunch at The Pavilion. The guests indulged in delicious food and drinks while reflecting on the past week full of film screenings, industry events, and social activities. For many, it was a bittersweet moment as they said goodbye, or perhaps see you soon to newfound friends and longtime short film enthusiasts. However, the mood remained cheerful as everyone celebrated the amazing shorts watched during the past few days. 

Go Short brought together a diverse community of filmmakers, industry professionals, and cinema enthusiasts from all around the world. It has been a celebration of short films, creativity, and storytelling in all its forms. From the Future of Short Film roundtable talks, through workshops and masterclasses, one-to-one meetings and speed-dates, to session such as the Work-In-Progress, the festival provided a platform for established and upcoming filmmakers to showcase their work and learn and delve into important themes concerning the short film industry. 

The industry program facilitated networking and collaboration between filmmakers and industry professionals. And of course, the festival screened an incredible selection of short films, ranging from experimental and avant-garde works to more traditional narrative films, showcasing the breadth and diversity of short film as an art form! 

 By offering a platform for short films and important topics to be discussed and appreciated, Go Short contributes to the industry’s growth and innovation, encourage creative exploration and so adapt to the ever-changing landscape. 

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