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This was Go Short 2023
This was Go Short 2023

“Time flies when you’re having fun” they say, so did the anniversary edition of Go Short. The festival has flown by again, but we really enjoyed it. For more than a week LUX Nijmegen was dedicated to short film. Filmmakers from all over the world came to Nijmegen to show their work and meet each other.

We would like to thank everyone for coming! Luckily we captured enough memories, so please enjoy with us in this review of the festival!

Go Short @ Wolfskuil

This year Go Short headed to the distinctive Wolfskuil for a special program for neighborhood residents. First, the Wijkfabriek hosted RAW CINEMA, focusing on the wolf and the short film NAYA by director Sebastian Mulder. In addition, Off the Walls took place on Tuesday. At various locations in the Wolfskuil, walls and objects transformed into movie screens in the evening. The film walk was a great success with as many as 300 film buffs and local residents walking along.

Industry events

Every year Go Short tries to be a meeting place for makers and film professionals. Also this year we organized several activities for professionals where they could engage in conversation with each other and with the audience. These included roundtable discussions, one-on-ones, master classes and Q&As.

Go Short 15 years

To celebrate Go Short’s 15th anniversary, a number of actions and activities were organized. For starters, before the festival began you could look for tokens hidden throughout the city. The lucky finders could exchange these for an anniversary pass. Which offered access to the entire film program.

There were also two programs highlighting the anniversary. 15 Years Go Short featured some of the very best short films from 15 years of Go Short, chosen by festival director and founder Kirsten Ruber. You could also fully immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Virtual Reality during the film program VR – Best of 15 Years Go Short, which screened the best VR films from the past.


For the 15th time, the coveted Go Short Awards were presented from a packed auditorium in LUX. Among others, Amanda van Hesteren won the Dutch Competition with I Want To Go Higher and the French Lola Cambourieu and Yann Berlier won the award for best European fiction for the second year in a row with their film Lost Children. The award for best European documentary went to When the mountain rumbles by Alba Bresoli. Stephen Vuillemin’s extraordinary animation A Kind of testament won the Go Short Award for best European animation. Furthermore, Morgane Frund went home with an Encouragement Award for best European Student Film with her film Bear (Ours).

The audience also cast their votes and awarded Thank you for your patience! by Simon van der Zande with an Audience Award, which was also already awarded a Youth Award by the youth jury.

During the Easter holidays these winning films could still be viewed in LUX. Below you can find an overview of all award winners.

European competition winners

  • Fiction: Lost Children - Lola Cambourieu en Yann Berlier
  • Documentary: When the mountain rumbles - Alba Bresoli.
  • Animation: A Kind of testament - Stephen Vuillemin

Dutch competition winner

  • I Want To Go Higher - Amanda van Hesteren

New Arrivals competition winner

  • Bear (Ours) - Morgane Frund

EFA candidate

  • Chords - Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren

Music Video Competition winner

  • MDR (Men Dominated Reality) - Maïa Taïeb

Youth Award

  • Thank you for your patience! - Simon van der Zande

Audience Award

  • Thank you for your patience! - Simon van der Zande

In addition to Thank you for your patience!, a number of other short films were favored by the audience. See below the top 10 according to our audience!

Audience Favorites

  • Thank you for your patience! - Simon van der Zande
  • Drijf - Levi Stoops
  • Bear (Ours) - Morgane Frund
  • I Did Not Wake Up Dead Today - Erin Macpherson
  • Gush - Juliette van Ardenne
  • Trace - Asparuh Petrov
  • Close your eyes - Manon Bérardengo, Audrey Defonte, Léo Depoix, Denis Koessler, Clémentine Laurent, Pierre Guislain, Chloé Boursier
  • Pruebas - Ardélia Istarú
  • The Pink Voice - Marieke Elzerman
  • I Want To Go Higher - Amanda van Hesteren

We would like to thank all our partners, funds, companies and others who made Go Short 2023 a success! See you all next year!