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Go Short Anniversary Tokens give you free access to entire film festival

The largest short film festival in the Netherlands is coming in hot! To celebrate our anniversary, Go Short offers a special limited offer, starting at 15 February. Instead of Easter Eggs, you’ll be on the lookout for a FREE anniversary ticket for the price of € 30,-.

How does it work?

Every day, the festival team of Go Short will hide a so-called Token somewhere in or around Nijmegen. Via our social media accounts, we’ll give hints to help you during your scavenger hunt where the tokens are waiting to be found.

Found one? Let us know by mailing us at and receive a FREE Anniversary Ticket for Go Short. With this ticket, you’ll be able to attend the festival 10 days in a row FOR FREE.

Are you not the usual boyscout who gets excited for every scavenger hunt in town or are you just too busy to look for it? No problem, you can also buy your way out! Starting 15 February, it’s possible to purchase your Anniversary Ticket for just € 30,-. BE AWARE: the amount of anniversary tickets is LIMITED.

Find more info about the program here.