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Industry Day
Industry Day

Go Short organizes several professional activities during the festival, with the Industry Day being one of the highlights. This year, the Industry Day will take place Friday 7 April 2017.

In cooperation with EYE and NBF (Dutch Association for Film and TV Professionals), Go Short offers an inspiring and practical program for Dutch and international filmmakers, producers, distributors and buyers. This year we explore alternative ways of telling a story and selling your film.

Key figures in the European film industry such as our filmmaker in focus Jonas Odell and representatives from Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg, MUBI and Shorts TV will partake in panel talks, one-on-one meetings, workshops and masterclasses.

The Industry Day consists of two parts. The morning revolves around plenary sessions, the afternoon will offer different parallel workshops and seminars for smaller groups. Please scroll down for the entire program.

Industry Day

  • Friday 7 April 2017
  • 10:30 – 17:30
  • LUX - Mariënburg 38, Nijmegen


  • Full price: €25
  • NBF members: €12.50
  • Professionals badge holders: free (registration required)

Please note that guests with a Professionals Discount Badge do not have free access, regular fees apply.

Would you like to experience everything Go Short has to offer? The accreditation deadline has been extended. Apply for a full accreditation before 22 March by completing the online accreditation form through the Go Short Festival Portal. More information about an accreditation can be found here.

Morning Program

Industry Day start: Possibilities for your short film in The Netherlands 
10.30 – 11.00  / Dutch spoken
Finding funding for shorts isn’t always easy. The Creative Industries Fund NL encourages new forms of documentary filmmaking and storytelling by funding transmedia projects. Learn about their criteria illustrated with recently funded projects. Lisa Linde Nieveld from EYE International talks about how to gain attention for Dutch short films abroad.

Panel Talk: Autonomy vs. Commercialism
11.00 – 12.30 / English spoken
A big struggle for many short film makers is to make a living out of creative work. Often filmmakers get the opportunity to do commissioned projects. Clients pay good money, but artistic freedom in these projects is often limited. This panel discusses how to make concessions, or how to fuse commercial interest and autonomous creativity. With producer Danielle Guirguis and filmmakers Jonas Odell, Tessa Pope and Douwe Dijkstra.

One-on-One Meetings
12.45 – 13.45
During lunch we will set up one-on-one meetings with guests from the film industry. These guests are Melchior Bussink (Dutch Culture), Annelies Bokma (Creative Europe Desk NL), Wim Vanacker (NISI MASA), Sacha Gertsik (De Ontmoeting), Jesse Bergsma (ShortsTV), Mirjam Bal (Nederlands Film Fonds), Jing Haase (Nordisk Panorama), Joris van Ballegooijen (Creative Industries Fund NL) and Lisa Linde Nieveld (EYE International). Join them at their table for a short and private conversation and ask them all you want to know.

Afternoon Program

Parallel Sessions 
14.00 – 16.15
In the afternoon you can choose to participate in two workshops or seminars.

Panel Talk: Creating cross media stories
14.00 – 15.00 / English spoken
The days in which you only had one medium to tell your story are long gone. Not only has the number of platforms grown, the interaction between these media can also yield deeper meaning and reach out to new audiences. What platform(s) is (are) best suited for the story you want to tell? How do you translate an idea to multiple media? Panel guests include experts and artists in transmedia and interactive storytelling: Michel Reilhac of Submarine Channel, Joost Jordens and Mike von Rotz of the VR animation experience ‘ Transition’ , and Els van Driel of the multidisciplinary documentary project ‘De Asielzoekmachine’.

Workshop: NBF Presents – Sales and distribution to VOD platforms
14.00 – 15.00 / English spoken
In recent years the options for distributing film online have grown significantly due to the increase of Video On Demand (VOD) platforms. What are the different types of VOD distribution? How can filmmakers benefit from this development? And what should they be cautious about, concerning rights and deals? In collaboration with the NBF (Dutch Association for Film and TV Professionals) we invite Stine Wangler (Kurzfilm Agentur), Jesse Bergsma (ShortsTV) and Charlotte Tillieux (MUBI) to explain the ins and outs of selling shorts to VOD platforms. Ron Toekook (board member at NBF) will be moderating this workshop.

Case study: 9 Days – From my Window in Aleppo
14.00 – 15.00 / English spoken
When Floor van der Meulen and Thomas Vroege first met Syrian artist Issa Touma, they were fascinated by the footage he shot of the war that was going on right underneath his window in Aleppo. They ended up collaborating on an out of the ordinary project. The film has been selected for over 100 film festivals, it won the European Film Award and recently they released a sequel-short. An intensive case study about the film’s inception, progress and the moral and practical issues that occurred.

Panel Talk: Finding screens – Ways to reach an audience
15.15 – 16.15 / English spoken
Short films usually don’t have a very notable life after their run at festivals. There are ways however to give the festival afterlife a spark and avoid disappearing into YouTube-limbo. Online and offline curation platforms give short films the attention they deserve. Robert Munday, head programmer at Short of the Week; Axel Behrens from KurzFilmVerleih Hamburg; Theus Zwakhals, distribution and collection at LIMA; and Simon Young of Shorts TV shed their light on this matter from their own expertise.

Masterclass: What can a PR-agent do for your short film?
15.15 – 16.15 / English spoken
Getting good publicity for your short film is a grey area for a lot of filmmakers. During this masterclass Catherine Lyn Scott explains what a strong publicity campaign can do for your short film and why you need a good PR-agent. And she is a reliable source: her company London Flair PR was the force behind 2 Oscar-winning and 3 Oscar-nominated short films in the last 3 years.

Panel Talk: Regional film funds in The Netherlands
15.15 – 16.15 / Dutch spoken
The founding of Cinesud and the Limburg Film Fund in the province of Limburg has been a great incentive for film culture in this region. Other regions and provinces in the Netherlands are now also exploring the options to set up similar initiatives. What is the goal these regional film platforms aim to achieve? And are filmmakers from other regions also eligible for the available funds? Guido Franken (Cinesud), Jacqueline Schrijver (Film in Friesland) and Iduna van de Ven (Brabants Kenniscentrum voor Kunst en Cultuur) will discuss these questions and more.

Drinks & network opportunity
16.30 – 17.30
Seize the moment and talk to that one particular speaker you are desperately want to ask questions to or have a drink with fellow filmmakers and other film related colleagues.